Update Program Schools/Meeting Locations

This article will walk you through the changes that can be made to your programs school or meeting locations.

Time needed: 10 minutes

  1. Log into your HIDOE Google Account

    Start by navigating to Google Drive and logging in with your HIDOE account. Click the link to be taken to your Google Drive.

  2. Navigate to the Google Sheet for your program

    Each program has a unique Google Sheet to organize the information in a table format for easy updates. Simply click on the link below for your program. If your program is missing, please create a support ticket.

    Community Children’s Councils Meeting Information

    If you do not have access, please request access in the Google Prompt. Access will be granted to Community Engagement Branch Employees

  3. Update existing information in the Google Sheet

    To update your website content, simply update the Google Sheet. Your website page is set to update every hour based on the content from the Google Sheet.

  4. Create new information in the Google Sheet

    There will be times that you want to add additional columns of information to the website, or different school/meeting locations. When this occurs, please create a support ticket and we will work with you to map the extra information onto the site. Once the columns have been mapped you will be able to update as needed.