What is Digit-L Concepts?

Digit-L Concepts is a Hawaii-based company specializing in a comprehensive range of digital services including graphic design, web development, and technical assistance.

With a focus on creative solutions and technological expertise, Digit-L Concepts caters to businesses and individuals seeking visually compelling designs, robust web platforms, and reliable technical support. While leveraging our skills in graphic design, we aim to visually communicate clients’ messages effectively while ensuring a seamless online presence.

Not only does Digit-L Concepts provide graphic and web design, but also technical assistance to address a variety of technological challenges, offering clients the support they need to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Optimizing every area of your company!

From the initial brand concepts, notarizing business documents, website design & development, to production assistance; we have you covered every step of the way.

Digit-L Concepts Graphic Design

Elevate your brand with our captivating graphic designs, crafted to leave a lasting impression and communicate your unique story through visually stunning and purposeful creations.

Digit-L Concepts Web Design

Transform your online presence with our expert web design services, where innovative design meets seamless functionality to captivate visitors and enhance user experiences.

Digit-L Concepts Tech Support

Experience reliable and efficient Tech Support solutions tailored to meet your needs, ensuring smooth operations and swift resolution of technical issues to keep your systems running seamlessly.

Email Tracking

Deliver personalized emails while simultaneously tracking client’s viewing behaviors.

QR Codes

Promote your business at events and on pamphlets.

Tech. Assistance

Prompt solutions to further ensure the smooth functioning of your systems.


Simplifying the process and ensuring hassle-free sign-ups for your events.


Customized automations to simultaneously streamline your processes and enhance productivity.

Online Sales

Captivating online storefronts that undeniably enhance the shopping experience

Take advantage of out tech. assistance to receive Online Notary in the comfort of your home.

Online Notary

Digit-L Concepts LLC is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking feature that brings convenience to your doorstep.

Not only will our upcoming Online Notary service revolutionize document notarization, but it will providing a secure and efficient platform for notarial acts from the comfort of your own space. Stay tuned for a hassle-free, digital notary experience that ensures authenticity and peace of mind.

Additional Services…

In addition to our main services offered, Digit-L Concepts is happy to provide support within the following areas.

Customers with our graphic and web designs

Community Engagement Branch uses graphic and web design services as well as tech support.
Hawaii After School Plus uses Digit-L Concepts for Web Design and Technical Assistance
The client Life Potentials used Digit-L Concepts for graphic design and technical assistance.
UPLINK uses Digit-L Concepts for Graphic Design and Technical Assistance.

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