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    Department of Education Services

    Program Consultant

    With over 6 years of experience in consultation Digit-L will be the perfect helping hand for your program.

    The staff at Digit-L has experience in evaluating workflows and seeing the areas that improvements can be made. We focus on making technology do the hard work for you and not let it get in the way of focusing on your program and helping students improve.

    Contact us if you need help in your program. We are happy to help with the heavy lifting to help complete all the requirements for your program.

    Program Handbooks

    Our staff at Digit-L has experience in creating and organizing handbooks for 3 different federal programs. Let us help you update your existing handbooks. We can help polish up the layout, make sure all dates are up to date, and take your handbooks digital.

    Paper handbooks are of the past. Get your handbook placed online with limited user access. We can update your handbook and give it a search functionality! Let your project coordinators quickly search for a topic and find results in a quick manner!

    Let us do the work of getting your handbook online. We can set you up with online access to make changes whenever your program changes. Take even more stress off of your shoulders and sign up for one of our yearly support packages to have us do all the updating.

    Program Evaluation

    Whether you need a new evaluator or you are just too overwhelmed to complete another evaluation yourself, Digit-L is here to help! Digit-L has experience in completing and reviewing federal program evaluations. If you need an external evaluator for your program we may be a perfect fit.

    Reach out to us below and let use know the details of your program and the necessary requirements of your evaluation. We can take out the hard work by putting together the contract, purchase order, and getting the HCE certificate of compliance.

    Online Forms & Registration

    With everything moving towards safer options, why not move your registration to online options. Gone are the days that you have to hold onto a stack of papers with all your data. Instead move your registration process online! Require all the necessary fields to make sure that you are meeting all your grant qualifications.

    We can move basically any forms you need online. Send us the current version of your forms or the items you need answered and we can get you a QR code or link that can easily be used on a mobile phone for registration.

    Budget Support

    Are you struggling managing your budgets with old software?

    Let us help update your forms for you so you can more easily track your programs spending. We have over 10 years of experience using Google Sheets. We can help you create budget forms that are accessible by all users in your program. We can help make templates that are accessible on the web or can be sent via email.

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