The Magic of Custom Graphics.

Why is graphic design so important? Let’s be honest, attention spans are really short these days! Companies and brands have about 3 seconds to show customers that they are worth consideration. A logo will grab attention and make strong first impressions. Your logo will define you and separate you from your competition.

To get an estimate for the work, set a time for a phone call below and answer the following questions. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the “additional comments” section.

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Logo Enhancement

Computer screens are always getting bigger and the resolution on phones is now retina display. Stay ahead of the game and get your existing logo updated to be scalable for any project. Click the button below to schedule a consultation. We want to make sure that we have all the details correct to get off on a good start. If possible, upload your existing logo so we can get an idea of the scope of work before we meet!

As always, if you have further comments or questions, please add them into the “additional comments” section in the form.

Banner and Pamphlets

Do you have an event or meeting coming up? Impress your attendees with fresh bright graphic designs. Occasionally have some data that you need crunched into a readable/usable format? Click on the button below to send us the information.

Start by setting a time to talk on the phone. Any extra questions or concerns can be added in the “additional comments” section.

Motion Graphics

Animations are great to use to catch your clients attention! Motion graphics work perfectly for online meetings. Pair our motion graphics with our technical support to set up a countdown to let attendees know when your meeting will begin.

Motion graphics are also a great intro to add before any of your company videos! Our team at Digit-L Concepts is happy to animate your logo. The first step to animating your graphic designs begins by clicking the button below!