Add Photos to Gallery

This article will teach you how to add photos to the photo gallery on your unique Family and Community Engagement program page.

Log into your Google Photos

You will need to use your HIDOE Google Account to access the necessary photo albums. Start by navigating to Google Photos by clicking the following link:

If you have not already logged in, click the Go to Google Photos button.

Add Photos to Image Gallery Go to Google Photos

You will be prompted to enter your HIDOE email and password.

Navigate to the shared album

Navigate to the shared album for you program by selecting Sharing in the sidebar.

Your shared albums will display. Simply select the shared album you need.

If you need access to an album please complete the Google Shared Photo Access Form

Add photos to the shared album

Once you have opened the photo album, click the Add photos button from the top right corner of the screen.

Select existing google photos

Once the Add photos button has been clicked, you may select from existing photos in your Google Photos. Do this by simply checking the photo in the top left corner of the image.

Select as many images as desired and save by clicking the Done button in the top right corner of your browser tab.

Select photos from computer

Once the Add photos button has been clicked, you may select photos to upload from your computer.

Simply navigate to the top right corner of the tab and click Select from computer.

Navigate through your computer files to select the images that you would like to upload.

Google Photos will show you an uploading screen on the bottom corner. Be sure you do not close this tab before the images have been completely uploaded to the album.

Adding photo descriptions

Use Google Photos to change the photo descriptions. Single click the image that need to have a description added or changed.

Once clicked, the image will enter full screen mode which will display the Add a description field in the top right corner. Simple add your description text into this field.

Click on the arrow to the right or left side of the image to quickly navigate to the next picture in the album and add the next description.